Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Send Droid Email Hands Free

When you are thinking about sending an email hands free from your phone, you may think it is impossible to do. Try doing it while driving! You would not be able to send an email while driving, and you should not attempt it because it is dangerous and difficult for yourself and other people around you on the road as well. There is an application that does allow you to send emails over your phone hands free. This is to prevent future accidents from happening. Your phone will automatically turn the words you say into the text you would like to send to the person you want it to go too. This can help everyone drive safer while still staying in touch when they need too. For more information, you can visit DriveSafe.ly. This safe driving app will allow you to get you the information you are in search of, and point you in the right direction to download your free application. Drive Safe with DriveSafe.ly!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sending and Receiving Emails on Your Droid

When you are sending and receiving emails on your droid, you want to make sure you get the most from the phone you have just bought. You will want to check out all of the features that it has, but one of the features that it doesn’t have, you are able to download it for free right over the internet at DriveSafe.ly. Since you do not want to keep texting while driving since your attention is not where it should be, you are able to get the application that helps you along. Hear your texts, and send them back by speaking to your phone out loud. This will save many lives in the making since you no longer need to put your attention anywhere else but the road ahead of you. So what are you waiting for, download the free application for your droid cell phone today right from the comfort of your own home.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Email is made simple with droid

How often do you send emails from your mobile? If you send or receive lots of emails then droid is the phone that can deal with the incoming emails. It is often said that many mobiles can’t open the files attached to the emails, few mobiles have problem with opening the mail itself. Droid has no such problems and will work perfectly fine dealing with all types of files that were attached to the email. The application loads fast and the internet connectivity to droid is good when compared to other phones in the industry.
On the other hand, droid also support lot of free applications which will allow you to control your phone the way you wanted. DriveSafe.ly is one application that can read the incoming emails to you while you are on drive. Thus it ensures your safety. This is a very light weight application and your phone will have no problem loading it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pay more to use Droid for work e-mail

How do you fell if had a change to hold great number of radio stations in your pocket, you will be amazed to tune to all of them won’t you. Well you can do that if you can get this app called “iheartradio” on your driod. This app works fine with your iphone, blackberry and latest release of the android devices.
Some of the coolest features includes, 350 American radio stations, which also includes stations from Christina Aguilera, Eagles and Weezer. Super cool customizations that will allow you to customize your phone so that the station plays when the apps is launched. You can also but tag songs from iTunes and also include artwork and lyrics. DriveSafe.ly is also a great app that can be an added advantage to your driod phone which will read out the incoming messages while you are on drive. It also responds automatically for the incoming messages.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GPS apps in Android

Converting your droid to a portable navigational device is fun. You can do that by adding an application that can help you connect your phone to GPS for your droid phone. With this application you can navigate Google maps on your droid phone, which means this application turns your device in to a personal navigational device and you can use it while you are traveling to an unknown location.

Iphone is very popular because of the GPS apps which costs about 80$ but in Google android you will get the GPR apps just for free. You will also get all the GPS navigation features with this app. You can also search with some text, with business name or address. Voice search is also enabled. You should also take a look at DriveSafe.ly app for people who text while driving. This app can protect the driver by reading the message received, and thus driver doesn’t look at his mobile while driving.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pay more to use Droid for work e-mail

Droid is a really cool smart phone that can handle various aspects of a mobile phone, it has stylish look and great induilt features and can access web 2.0 and indeed Droid is a really high quality phone for corporate people. The first Google android smartphone which supports web 2.0 is out in United States on 6th of November. Virizon wireless provides the network access for the smart phone.
If you want to use the device’s inbuilt Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Support to get corporate email from exchange they you will have to pay $15 every month, and this statement is conformed by Verizon. DriveSafe.ly is a smart mobile application for iphone, and smart phones like Droid and this application allows you to DriveSafe.ly on roads. The application reads all the incoming mails that your droid receives, this feature should help you while you are on drive. The application is very lightweight and you will have no problem with it.